Let's be honest, we are sick of narrow rims that ride like cooked spaghetti and hardly support a 2.3-inch tire. All of us are looking for some extra advantage to let us slap that corner harder or hit that off-camber line just a little bit left of that sketchy root – you know the one. Bikes are becoming more capable, and newer, wider wheels offer real benefits over the older, narrower wheel that might be on your ride. Race Face is trying to help you get into this decade by designing the Next R wheelset around a 31mm internal width carbon fiber rim and their fast-engagement Turbine hubs to keep you on the cutting edge.

Carbon wheels done right can be amazing. Done wrong, they can have a bone-shaking impact on the quality of your ride. We were looking forward to getting the new Next R wheelset on the dirt to find out if they hit the bullseye or need to go back to the drawing board. This is their first carbon wheelset, after all, though they do have their sister company Easton to lean on for experience.

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