Ready or not, it’s cold and cold season is here. Fortunately, a common cold doesn’t have to wipe out your hard-earned fitness or seriously disrupt your winter training plans. All you have to do is know how to spot signs of illness coming on before it his and manage workload accordingly. This will have you back in the saddle at full strength ASAP, missing significant training time.

Ben Sharp, former USA Cycling Olympic Program Coach, and current Power Education Specialist at Stages Cycling, sat down to talk tips on dealing with training through cold season and minimizing time off the bike.

Sharp’s number one piece of advice:“If the cold is in your head, you can train at a moderate level, but if the cold is in your chest, you shut it down no matter what.”

This means if you have the classic ‘head cold’ symptoms: stuffed up but runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, you actually can continue to train at a moderate level. But once that cold gets into your lungs and you start coughing up phlegm, complete rest is the only way to making your condition worse and missing even more time on the bike.

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